Embedded wallets

Let your users sign in with email or social and get simple self-custodial wallets, for web2-caliber UX with web3 ownership and consent.

Native experience

Deliver a smooth onchain flow by removing awkward context-switches in and out of your app.


Neither developers nor Privy can ever access a user’s private keys or sign a message on their behalf. Their keys, their assets

Security always

Simple and safe key recovery using modern cryptography plus extensive controls to get ahead of any potential threat.

Universal auth

One powerful library for
all your users

Wallets in 5 seconds and 2 clicks

Provision wallets for users on an as-needed basis, without forcing them to leave your app or download a browser extension again.

Use wallets across apps

Turn your app into an ecosystem with just a click. Make embedded wallets accessible to any third-party app enabling powerful composability with your app’s onchain assets.

Not your father’s embedded wallet

A user is a user, regardless of whether they already have a wallet. Embedded wallets are compatible with all EVM networks, integrate with any onchain system, and have all core wallet capabilities — signatures, transactions, key export, and more.

On-ramps and gas sponsorship

Facilitate your users’ first transactions with features built for people without any prior crypto experience.

Account abstraction ready

The easiest way to fund gas fees, batch transactions, and provision smart contract wallets for all users. Privy is built to be AA-ready.

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Auth for everyone

Bring web2-caliber UX - like sign in with email - to your web3 app.

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Powerful connectors

Connect to all wallets, on any device, in every browser.

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User management

Understand your users to enhance your web3 product.

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Set up Privy in

9 minutes

Just a few lines of code. We make the hard things easy, so you can focus on your product. Gone are the days of hacking together five tools for an unreliable solution. Privy integrates easily with Wagmi and Ethers so you can get started in minutes.

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