Bringing imagination onchain with Zora

Partnering with Zora to allow anyone to create and collect art onchain

Max Segall


Nov 29, 2023


Since their launch in 2020, Zora has been one of the most influential forces of innovation in our market.

They’ve built a uniquely powerful NFT creator tool, allowing artists to capture the value they deserve for their work. Thanks to Zora, the complex process of launching an NFT mint is as seamless as uploading a video to YouTube. Unlike YouTube, however, creators are guaranteed to earn royalties throughout the asset’s lifetime. These are baked into every onchain transaction and enforced by the underlying smart contract. The platform is permissionless so anyone can launch a mint and it supports all media types, which has unlocked a wave of onchain creativity across music, video content, and art.

For collectors, Zora has become the go-to destination to discover, browse, and purchase art onchain. Between their user footprint, favorable auction dynamics, and open ecosystem, the platform has attracted nearly 1M unique collectors who have together minted 4M+ NFTs and purchased $300M+ in NFT secondary sales. You can see some data on Zora’s reach below:

And they’re just getting started…

Today’s Launch

Today, we are thrilled to support the Zora team as they integrate embedded wallets into, opening up access to the Zora platform to creators and collectors with no prior crypto experience. We believe today’s launch is a major step in making crypto more accessible, showcasing the power of open creator tooling to new audiences! We couldn’t be more excited to support Zora on this launch.

With embedded wallets, creators can sign in via email, upload their art, and launch a free mint, all in less than 30s and with no technical crypto knowledge required. Behind the scenes, users get powerful self-custodial embedded wallets to receive royalty proceeds and purchase assets on the platform.

Zora builds technology that unlock value in human creation. Today, we’re excited to make their technology accessible to more humans! To celebrate this launch, Privy is creating a one-week free commemorative mint – our take on the Darwin fish as we continue to watch onchain systems evolve. Credit to the great Chris Calo for designing this piece!

Looking Forward

2023 has been a game-changing year for consumer crypto. From the launch of the Zora network, to their novel gasless minting experience, to today’s embedded wallet launch, Zora has been relentless in reimaging what great looks like onchain.

This team has so much exciting work ahead, and we couldn’t be more proud to support them as they continue to redefine onchain UX and push the barriers of what can be imagined onchain!

To learn more about Zora and their Magic Machine in their own words, check out their wonderful launch post.

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