Privy is now available for everyone!

Henri Stern


Feb 22, 2024

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Get started at and find out more at

Today, after 15 months, over 2.5 million users onboarded, 902 SDK releases and 5 infrastructure and cryptographic audits, Privy is available to everyone. Simply head over to, click the “Get Started” button, and start building. Now more than ever, we believe crypto will change how we interact online… provided we make these systems easy to use. We’re excited to play our part in making this happen.

Privy has built a powerful, streamlined set of interfaces that enable you to get your users onchain faster, regardless of where they’re coming from. Crypto native or crypto newcomer, a user is a user. We deliver:

  • A progressive authentication library enabling your users to sign up to your product in the way that is most natural for them, whether that’s through email, SMS, social accounts, or their existing wallets.

  • A battle-tested embedded wallet library that scales with your users and helps them secure their assets and transact with them

  • Web and mobile-native clients enabling out-of-the-box UIs as well as complete whitelabeling.

Building these systems is hard and helping bring crypto products mainstream requires great care. Privy has been hardened onboarding millions of users and millions in assets onchain. By building with customers like Blackbird,, Hyperliquid, OpenSea, Zora and hundreds of other extraordinary teams, we have seen the way onboarding can transform user experiences. Whether you are building a game or deep financial infrastructure, seamless UX distinguishes the functional from the fantastic. The stack is coming together and we’re excited to serve this next generation of crypto products and grow the space with them.

Over the coming months, Privy is focused on easier wallet funding and interoperability. This means building global embedded wallets to ensure user accounts are easily accessible across apps, making it easier to fund new accounts for all your users and deepening Privy’s place as part of the account abstraction stack.

Technical decisions are moral decisions. We remain ever conscious of this fact, and as always we are here to listen to your feedback, requests and questions. But we’re also really happy that everyone can get access to Privy… starting today!

Onward! We’re excited to build with you.

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