Base layer: Building delightful products in web3

Asta Li


Jan 12, 2024

Asta Li, co-founder at Privy, joins Base Layer for a fantastic talk about the movement happening in digital assets, focused on building delightful consumer-centric products.

Privy is the easiest way for developers to onboard all users to web3, regardless of whether they already have a wallet, across mobile and desktop. At Privy, the team spends a lot of time obsessing over how to help developers unlock better UX in web3 without sacrificing the ownership primitives that make the space special. Ownership is at the root of web3, but to this day, it has been reserved for only the most technical users. For web3 to go mainstream, the industry must make it easy to bake self-custody into products: web2-caliber UX with web3 ownership and consent.

Full podcast here

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